Have you ever searched listings on MLSLI.com only to come across many photos of houses that are dark and dreary with glowing windows, warped and crooked to the point of making you feel dizzy or out of focus and blurry giving a poor representation of the home? These are photos you come across all too often on real estate websites that are supposed to represent listings by professional agents and companies.

Price and location are certainly important factors that potential clients use to weigh their options but there is no denying the power of a first impression either for the better or for the worst. This is one of the most crucial determining factors on whether the prospective buyer will continue on to further investigate and schedule an appointment to see the property. First impressions are more important than you may think. Statistics show that you have 2 seconds to grab the buyer’s attention without a photo and 20 seconds with a good photo. First impressions are not the only reason you should hire a professional photographer on every listing.

Here are a five important reasons you should leave the photographing of your listings to the professionals.

  • People looking for a new home search the Internet .
    Realtor.org reports that 92% of homebuyers use the Internet to search for their potential new home. This means it is crucial that you have quality photos when potential buyer’s find your listing.


  • Professional photos yield higher listing exposure
    Realtors who use professional photography services experience an average of 61% more views than competing agents across all tiers.


  • Professional photos sell listings faster
    If you are using poor quality photos taken from your personal iPhone you are missing out on one of the most important factors for selling a home quickly, “Great Photography”! This applies to all of your listings not just the “million dollar properties”.


  • Listings with professional photos sell for more
    According to the Wall Street Journal in real estate it is literally true that “a picture is worth $1,000 or more”. Statistics say that professional photos raise the end closing price by anywhere from $934 to as much as $116,076. Redfin data reports say professional photography produces a 47% higher asking price per square foot. So the next time you are tempted to try to save a few dollars by taking your own photos, don’t! In the end it will cost you more to not have professional photos.


  • You are not a professional photographer
    You may think you are a pretty good photographer but you are not a professional photographer so leave the photographing to the professionals. A good photographer will have a great understanding and knowledge of getting the right angles, capturing the best light, finding the perfect composition and will use professional post-production methods and tools to enhance the photos elevating the end product to a professional level.

If you are a realtor in need of professional photography services for your upcoming listings in the South West Florida region ranging from Sarasota down to Marco Island feel free to reach out to us here at SkyScape Pix or email us at skyscapepix@gmail.com

At SkyScape We take great pride in helping each customer meet their goals at a price they can afford. As experienced professional artists we pay attention to the details with a sharp artistic eye going the extra mile using the latest photo retouching techniques and methods that ensure a professional finished product along with an excellent customer service experience ensuring each client is satisfied. Our approach is rooted in integrity and reliability in every aspect of our business. We work hard to ensure that creativity goes hand in hand with professional and dependable communication.